Somewhere Back In Time

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  • Full Title: Somewhere Back In Time: Best Of: 1980-1989
  • Release Date: 12th May 2008
  • UK Chart Position: TBA
  • US Chart Position: TBA
  • German Chart Position: TBA
  • Supporting Tour: Somewhere Back in Time World Tour


  1. Churchill Speech (0.49)
  2. Aces High (4.36)
  3. 2 Minutes To Midnight (6.00)
  4. The Trooper (4.11)
  5. Wasted Years (5.06)
  6. Children Of The Damned (4.35)
  7. The Number of The Beast (4.53)
  8. Run To The Hills (3.53)
  9. Phantom Of The Opera (Live) (7.21)
  10. The Evil That Men Do (4.34)
  11. Wrathchild (Live) (3.07)
  12. Can I Play With Madness (3.31)
  13. Powerslave (6.47)
  14. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7.12)
  15. Iron Maiden (Live) (4.50)



MP3 Download

The album will be available for download on the homepage for free, however it will be DRM encrypted and will no longer function after three plays. After these three plays, if you try to play it again you will be recommended to buy a DRM-free version digitally.

2 Disc Picture CD

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