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Welcome to Maiden World Live

This part of Maiden World acts as an encyclopedia of everything Iron Maiden related. Simply type some keywords into the search field at the left of the page, or choose a starting point from the list to the right.

Useful information for users may be found on the Community Portal page, including a To Do list for contributors.

Thanks for visiting Maiden World, and feel free to contribute any information you can on the pages here, every piece helps make the site a more complete reference source.

To register you'll need to contact us to set up an account, we do this to prevent Spam registrations.

Using the Site

For those new to this style of site, red links point to pages that do not yet exist, purple links point to existing on-site pages, and blue links point to external pages. You should note that forum user accounts will not work on Maiden World Live. Please re-register for a new account if you intend to add or edit material here. If you have any problems you can PM me on the Forums, or e-mail me using the Contact Form on the main site.

Starting Points

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