Roll Over Vic Vella

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Vic: ...well.

Steve: Oh yeah?

Vic: Went down ten feet, got a JCB from the road 'cause my other one wouldn't reach. Dug it out... after ten or fifteen minutes he went back to the hole to check the height... full of water! Must have come from the river, eh?

Steve: Dunno...someone must have pissed in it.

Vic: Say well, fucking big piss... somebody did.

Someone: Something you were doing down the

Vic: Trying to feed it through the ground, it's like a well. About three feet deep So I....that's right, fucking John shit himself. There was soil, it's like quicksand.... he went down there to spread the fucking soil, and he's sinking in, isn't he. He suddenly reached for the fucking fork lift and I lifted up he couldn't reach it... he was shitting himself. He was just going by the at the end of the boots. He said "I'm fucking going, I'm going! Just lower the fucking forklift quick!" And he grabbed hold of it, so I had to lift it up with him hanging on the end of it. Good job he didn't let go otherwise right in the fucking mud!

(Solo: Dave Murray)