Maiden Digitized Vol 2

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Funnyx DVD Release

(1) 2000-06-03 Goffert Park,Dynamo Festival, Nijmegen, Holland

  1. Wickerman
  2. Ghost of the Navigator
  3. Interview Nicko and Steve
  4. Brave New World
  5. Wrathchild
  6. 2 Minutes to Midnight

(2) Run to the Hills (Top of the Pops, BBC, 2002)

(3) RockTV On the Road Special (Italy, 2003)

  1. Interview Bruce
  2. Wrathchild (live)
  3. Interview Bruce
  4. Interview Dave and Janick
  5. Wildest Dreams (live)

(4) Scuzz Iron Maiden Week (2004)

  1. Interview
  2. Wildest Dreams (promo)
  3. Interview
  4. No More Lies (promo)
  5. Rainmaker (promo)

Video Information

Funnyx DVD Release

Video Info

  • PAL
  • Computer Authozied
  • FULL Menus & Track Selection


Sound: 5/5 Picture: 5/5

Encoding Information

  • Recorded in PAL 768x576 from the best source I had and cut to 720x576 in the filtering stage.
  • No form of compression was done in both recording and editing stage until the final DVD encoding
  • Final DVD encoding (4 pass 5000-6000 VBR).
  • Sound is in 2 channel AC3.


Sound: 5/5

Picture: 5/5


Wishes To Thank

  • Rei for the tape of RockTV On the Road Special
  • DropDeadFreds for the DVD of the Scuzz Iron Maiden week

Comments From FunnyX

This DVD was done by fans for fans, so no compromises on the quality. If you want to help out on future DVD's, either full concerts or the Maiden Digitized series, please send your Maiden/Bruce related interviews, live performances and everything else. Tapes will be returned, together with the Maiden Digitised DVD your tape was put on. The DVD's will always be shared in the lossless hub Iron Maiden Trading Lossless Direct Connect Hub. Contact me via e-mail at:

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