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Getting started

To get started, you'll need to do the following things (you can click a title to jump to that section):

  1. Download & configure DC++
  2. Read the hub rules
  3. Register for access to the hub
  4. Add the current hub addresses to your "Favorite Hubs" list
  5. Connect to a hub
  6. Perform basic activities using DC++
  7. Consult the FAQ for help with common problems
  8. Help with audio & video formats and codecs

Download & Configure DC++

  • Download latest DC++ from
  • Run the installer, follow instructions to complete install
  • Run DC++
  • Open the "Settings" dialog
  • Go to the "General" tab and enter your desired nickname
  • Go to the "Downloads" tab and enter:
  • The folder name for finished downloads in "Default download directory"
  • The folder name for unfinished downloads in "Unfinished download directory"
  • Do not share unfinished files! if people download them from you, then they start sharing the unfinished files too, and it causes problems
  • Go to the "Sharing" tab and add the folders you wish to share. Remember! only share files that are within the rules of the hub.
  • Also on the "Sharing" tab enter the number of "Upload slots" you will allow. (3 is the minimum allowed on the hub)

Hub Rules

  1. Only sharing of video & audio from bootlegs is allowed
    • No studio movies or porn
    • No games or other software
  2. Only non-commercial releases
    • Only bootlegs!
    • No studio albums or videos, examples: "Dance of Death", "Brave New World"
    • No live albums or videos, examples: "Rock in Rio", "Maiden England"
    • If you're not sure about something, ask an operator on the hub
  3. Do not convert from MP3 to lossless, or lossless to MP3, then share it..
    • If something is in MP3 quality, making it lossless is a waste of time and space
    • Lossless copies are best quality, so even if you convert it to MP3 later, dont spread those MP3's because that ruins the quality for people who download from you
  4. If you dont have anything to share, you are allowed access, but you should share anything you complete
    • This is quite a simple rule, basically if you're new and dont have any bootlegs its fine for you to download stuff, but once you have downloaded things you shouldnt hide them away and keep sharing nothing
  5. You should download only one show per download from a user
    • This rule exists to stop the best sharers from being constantly full for everyone on the hub. If you're queuing things from a user, please try to restrict it to just one show, to give everyone a chance

If you are found to be breaking any of these rules, you will first be kicked, then subsequently banned if the same offence happens again.

Registering for the Hub

  1. Read the hub rules above, and make sure you understand and agree with them
  2. Register for an account on the Maiden World Forum using a valid e-mail address
  3. Using your forum account, send a private message to one of the hub admins using the instructions provided below in Requesting Membership by Private Message
  4. Wait for a PM back from the person you asked to register you. If they don't reply for several days, you could try another one from the list above in the meantime. You will recieve an e-mail notification when you recieve the PM response.Once you've recieved successful confirmation, you're done registering and can move on to the next step

Requesting Membership By Private Message

Assuming you signed up for a forum account, as instructed, you can send a private message by clicking one of the links below. When sending a registration request, you should use the format shown in the template provided to make it as easy as possible for the hub admins to register you.

Private Message Template:

Subject: Hub Registration
I have read and agree to the rules of the hub.

After sending your private message, you should wait for a PM back from the person you asked to register you. If they don't reply for several days, you could try another person from the list above in the meantime. You will recieve an e-mail notification when you recieve the PM response.Once you've recieved successful confirmation, you're done registering and can move on with getting connected to the hub.

Favorite Hubs List

To add the hub to your Favourites list, as we suggest, you should do the following.

  • Open "View > Favorite Hubs" (CTRL + F)
  • Click on new
  • Enter the name: "Iron Maiden Trading Hub"
  • Enter the address: ""
  • Enter your username and password as chosen during registration into the "Identification" section of the dialog


Double click on a hub name, and you will connect to that hub. If the selected one doesnt work, just try another from your favourites list.

Basic activities with DC++

When you are connected to the hub, you can:

  • Right click on a user's nick for a list of actions you can perform
  • Use the "Get file list" option to see that user's shared files
  • Talk to all the users on the hub in the chat window
  • Send "Private Messages", by choosing the "Message" action
  • Search for specific bootlegs with "File>Search" or "CTRL+S"
  • Type "!userhelp" in the main chat to get a list of the hub's commands
  • If you change your share, you should type "/refresh" in the main chat
  • You can also read DC++'s own help by clicking "Help>Readme"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm having trouble with the files i've downloaded, they wont play or the video is missing
A: To find information on codecs, consult this forum thread about codecs

Q: I cant connect to other users
A: If you're behind a firewall or router, you should try passive mode, which is enabled within "File>Settings>General". You wont be able to download from other users who are using passive mode, but it should work for most.

Q: DC crashes after I try to enter a download queue
A: You should open the folder where DC++ is installed and check, or delete "queue.xml". This file has probably become corrupted, causing your problem

Q: I have a problem that isnt listed here. Help!
A: You can ask for help in the DC Hub forum or e-mail the site administrators by using the details found on the contact page. Alternatively, if your problem does not stop you from actually connecting to the hub, you could ask in the main chat.

Help with audio & video formats and codecs

  • .APE files - Monkey's Audio (Lossless)
    The installer includes a WinAmp plugin, compressor and decompressor and is available freely from Use APE format if you want to share bootlegs from audio CDs and don't forget to create MD5 file with MD5Summer so that people who download the file can ensure it is in its orignal unmodified form, and not corrupted.
  • Other links of use
    • Nero Plugins
      Plugins for the popular CD-writing software Nero to allow it to use more formats when creating VCDs and CDs
    • GSpot
      Establishes what codecs are required to play video files (avi, mpeg, ...)
    • Nimo Codec Pack
      This is a collection of commonly-needed codecs that installs itself reasonably simply. Be warned that if you've spent time installing your own versions and types of codecs to ensure good media playback for files you already have this can cause more harm than good.
    • MD5summer
      MD5summer is an application which generates and verifies MD5 checksums, allowing you to verify that a file is complete and uncorrupt after you download it.
    • MPEG 2 codec
      Allows you to play back files stored in MPEG 2 format, such as DVD .vob, .m2v and more. This may already be covered by system filters for the playback of DVD's , especially if you have a software DVD player installed. It is suggested that you only install this codec if you have trouble playing files which can be identified to be MPEG 2 encoded.