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Shadows may hide you, but also be your grave
You're running today, maybe tomorrow you'll be saved
You pray for the daylight to save you for a while
You wonder if your children will face the killer's smile

Dead men, tell no tales, in Gangland, murders up for sale
Dead men, tell no tales, in Gangland, where jail birds die

Face at the window leers into your own
But it's only your reflection still you tremble in your bones
How long can you hide, how long till they come?
A rat in a trap but you've got to survive

Once you were glad to be free for a while
The air tasted good and the world was your friend
Then came the day when the hard time began
Now your alone but alive... for how long?



A knife at your throat, another body on the pile
A contract to keep and it's service with a smile
Murder for vengeance or murder for gain
Death on the streets or a blacked out jail


Dead men...gangland...murder
In Gangland you tell no tales