Edward The Great

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  • Released:TBA
  • UK Chart Position: TBA


  1. Run To The Hills (Harris)
  2. The Number Of The Beast (Harris)
  3. Flight of Icarus (Smith/Dickinson)
  4. The Trooper (Harris)
  5. 2 Minutes To Midnight (Smith/Dickinson)
  6. Wasted Years (Smith)
  7. Can I Play With Madness (Smith/Dickinson/Harris)
  8. The Evil That Men Do (Smith/Dickinson/Harris)
  9. The Clairvoyant (Harris)
  10. Infinite Dreams (Harris)
  11. Holy Smoke (Harris/Dickinson)
  12. Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter (Dickinson)
  13. Man On The Edge (Bayley/Gers)
  14. Futureal (Harris/Bayley)
  15. The Wicker Man (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)
  16. Fear Of The Dark (Live in Rio)