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<MaidenMadness> jon i was thinking. could you make a template for album pages just like bobbo made concert template so people would know what is the preffered look for the concert page

<BoBo> He did template for concert too. :)

<Jon> Its probably not worth the time, considering there are only 13 albums that will be done. Its a bit more work, but copying and pasting the code from another album page is probably a decent substitute for a template.

<MM> doing that as we speak. already converted the number of the beast and piece of mind to match the way you edited it for iron maiden. need covers and lyrics

EPs page

<Thrash_sebas> Hello, can u add an eps, mini albuns, etc page? thx ;D
<Jon>I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you give me the exact titles for the pages, I'll create them though. <MM> i think he means page for stuff like maiden japan for example