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== Rock In Rio ==
== Rock In Rio ==
*Released:25th March 2002
*Released:25th March 2002

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Rock In Rio

  • Released:25th March 2002
  • Recorded live at Rock In Rio Festival on 19th January 2001


CD 1

  1. Intro(1:55)
  2. The Wicker Man(4:42)
  3. Ghost Of The Navigator(6:49)
  4. Brave New World(6:06)
  5. Wrathchild(3:06)
  6. 2 Minutes To Midnight(6:27)
  7. Blood Brothers(7:15)
  8. Sign Of The Cross(10:50)
  9. The Mercenary(4:42)
  10. The Trooper(4:34)

CD 2

  1. Dream Of Mirrors(9:28)
  2. The Clansman(9:19)
  3. The Evil That Men Do(4:41)
  4. Fear Of The Dark(7:40)
  5. Iron Maiden(5:52)
  6. The Number Of The Beast(5:01)
  7. Hallowed Be Thy Name(7:24)
  8. Sanctuary(5:17)
  9. Run To The Hills(4:52)



Run To The Hills 2002

European Tracklist

  1. Run To The HillsLive(5:01)
  2. Run To The Hills(3:54)
  3. The PrisonerLive(5:57)
  4. Children Of The DamnedLive(4:35)

UK Part I Tracklist

  1. Run To The HillsLive(5:01)
  2. Children Of The DamnedLive(4:35)
  3. Total EclipseLive(3:59)


Front Cover

UK Part II Tracklist

  1. Run To The HillsOriginal single version(3:55)
  2. 22 Acacia AvenueLive(6:34)
  3. The PrisonerLive(5:56)


Front Cover

Red 7" vinyl

  1. Run To The HillsOriginal single version(3:55)
  2. Total EclipseLive(3:59)


Front Cover


During The Number of the Beast Janick had problems with his guitar. First time they fixed it, but he had to change it after first chorus. You can see Bruce turning his head around trying to see what is going on.