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This page is going to mostly be for useful information for users of Maiden World Live, and also to house discussion about it. The discussion tab has a "+" option, which I think will allow people to add comments as they want.

Recent News

  • Help is at hand. There's now a Concert Template to give you an idea of how to format Concert pages. Thanks to the many people who suggested this ;)
  • To get an idea of how things work, you can click edit on existing pages to see how they were put together, and that will allow you to get a good idea of how the formatting works.
  • When linking a user's name, use a link like [[User:UserName|UserName]], substituting UserName for the appropriate. That way it will go to their own profile page.
  • I've turned on attribution blocks at the bottom of the pages, so that may be an easier way to credit the authors of the pieces. I could see how it would be a problem if the original forum author doesnt post the information however, so any suggestions would be welcome? It might be worth just removing the contribution link when the user is credited properly by the site, slowly getting rid of the written contribution links.

To Do

  • Fill Bootlegs Manager and Hub Audio Tools pages. (First check with BoBo whether its Bootleg or Bootlegs Manager... hehe..)
  • Write up
  • Look around the Maiden World Forum and pick up any threads that contain page-worthy information.
  • Work on getting album & song pages complete.
  • Add Singles cover art. (done :D)
  • Develop a layout for Bootlegs that allows multiple video and audio bootlegs on the same page.

If you're looking for something to do, there's a list of Wanted Pages, which shows pages that dont exist that have been linked to, most wanted first. That might be a good place to start :)