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What is Maiden World?

Maiden World consists of a website and forum dedicated to Iron Maiden, featuring news, tabs, lyrics, wallpapers, and articles. We also have an ever growing collection of information on Iron Maiden Bootlegs, Collectables / Merchandise and Tribute Albums. Maiden World hopes to be definitive source of information for the increasingly large number of Iron Maiden fans out there, and those yet to be enlightened by Eddie and the boys.


When we created Maiden World, we set out with a mission. That mission was to form a wide ranging collection of resources for Iron Maiden fans everywhere, consolidating every last piece of information out there into one coherent structure. Basically, if its Iron Maiden related, and it exists, we aimed to have details and related information around it. We're still actively working towards this goal, and over time, we're hoping that this site can develop to be the ultimate resource for all Iron Maiden fans.


Maiden World originally began as around July 2003. It was originally a small website for the direct connect trading hub for Iron Maiden bootlegs. The site experienced a few reliability problems, and ended up being only a forum. This forum built up users from the start of August 2003 onward.

At this point, an idea was created by the staff of this site to develop the definitive Iron Maiden resource on the web, and work began swiftly on a new site, aimed directly toward all Iron Maiden fans and new members of the Maiden community. Work started toward the end of September 2003, and throughout October 2003, until the final launch of the first generation of the new site was opened on Thursday 29th October 2003.

Maiden World Live was launched on Monday 6th September 2004, and represents the next major step forward for the site. It allows the contribution of all fans, worldwide, to the site's content. Ultimately we hope this will lead to Maiden World becoming one of the most complete Iron Maiden resources on the internet.