Iron Maiden Concerts

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This page allows you to browse through the Iron Maiden concert pages available within Maiden World Live. The easiest way to find a specific concert is to choose the tour that coincides with that particular year, and click it to follow through to a list of concerts within that tour.

Concerts organized by Tour

Below you can access lists of Iron Maiden Concerts according to the tour under which they were performed. Click a name to proceed to that list.

Help for editing concerts

First you have to register your nick. Click on log in at the top of the page and register. Now you will be able to click on Edit to edit stuff on the page. If you don't understand the format yet, click on Edit on few pages and you will see source code for them. For aditional help check this page [1].

Good, already formated page for concerts that can be used as template is 2003-12-12 Earls Court Arena. Go there and click on Edit. You can copy source to the new page and just change information for that concert.

Don't worry about Freqency analysis and MP3 samples sections. Someone else will add that info.

Regarding Uncredited Contributors. There is History for each page. There you can see who did which change to the page. You should put under Uncredited Contributors person that has written original info (from hub list for example), so that person can get credits for original info. When that person registers here, he/she should remove Uncredited Contributors section. After doing it his/her name will apper on the history list and that way it will be among contributors. List would be too long if we do that manually under Contributors.