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  • Released:TBA
  • UK Chart Position: TBA


  1. Iron Maiden - Live
  2. The Trooper (Harris)
  3. The Number Of The Beast (Harris)
  4. Wrathchild (Harris)
  5. Futureal (Harris/Bayley)
  6. Fear Of The Dark (Harris)
  7. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Dickinson/Gers)
  8. 2 Minutes To Midnight (Smith/Dickinson)
  9. Man On The Edge (Bayley/Gers)
  10. Aces High (Harris)
  11. The Evil That Men Do (Smith/Dickinson/Harris)
  12. Wasted Years (Smith)
  13. Powerslave (Dickinson)
  14. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Harris)
  15. Run To The Hills (Harris)
  16. The Clansman (Harris)
  17. Phantom Of The Opera (Harris)
  18. Killers (Harris/Di'Anno)
  19. Stranger In A Strange Land (Smith)
  20. Tail Gunner (Harris/Dickinson)


Ed Hunter the game

(Following taken from www.ironmaiden.com)

Iron Maiden's PC Game!

In this death race with Eddie you start in the dimly lit streets of London’s East End (‘Iron Maiden’ & ‘Killers’). You must then release Eddie from the Asylum (‘Piece of Mind’) and pursue him through Hell (‘The Number of the Beast’), a graveyard (‘Live After Death’), Egypt and the Pyramids (‘Powerslave’), the Future (‘Somewhere in Time’), and finally to a post-apocalyptic landscape (‘Virtual XI’). In the final moments of the game you must help Eddie save the planet by defeating the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse… that is, if you have the skills to get that far!

There appears to be a problem with is game not working on versions of Windows after Windows 2000. The solution from Synthetic Dimensions is:-

Ed Hunter doesn't work with Windows XP. The "problem" here is that we didn't know, back in the 20th Century, that changes Microsoft would make to the Windows operating system would make our code (and many other programs) fail to run. This affected so many programs that Microsoft have built the solution into Windows. If you are using a version of Windows after Windows 2000, and your Ed Hunter doesn't run properly or at all, you may want to try the following;

Right click on the Ed Hunter icon on your desktop. On the menu that appears, choose "properties". Now select the "compatibility" tab. Half way down the dialog box is a line that reads; "Run this program in compatibility mode for ..". Check the little box and choose Windows 2000 or Windows '98.

Another common question on the website they provide the answer to is:-

It says that you can start the game from an advanced point once you have completed a level. It doesn't work! Well, what it meant to say is that you can jump into the game at the start of a level after any level you have completed "without losing any lives". I know this makes it tough, but I also know a lot of fans who have managed to complete the whole game! If you search on Google I believe somebody has a patch which hacks the code to remove this limitation. I have not tried this patch and I don't know if it works. If you are able to find it (if it exists) and you chose to use it, you do so at your own risk. I have nothing to do with it.

Obviously due to the age of the game.... and it has been out a while, Synthetic Dimensions no longer provide technical support for the official Iron Maiden game "Ed Hunter".