DMM - Definitive Maiden Masters

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The DMM shows are "Definitive Maiden Masters" that were taped by Gig Addiction in England during the 1980's. These recordings are superb quality.

DMM Listing

Here is a list of DMMs with comments by Gig Addiction where available

  • DMM 010 - 1990-06-20 Rock City, Nottingham, England, UK (Bruce Dickinson)

  • DMM 018 - 1983-05-06 De Montford hall
    • Absolute killer gig with the typical great audience that Maiden always got at De Montfort Hall.Comparing the audience here to my Nottingham 83 show is like night & day.Very nice recording considering the age & equipment used.

  • DMM 019 - 1986-10-10 Manchester Apollo
    • This was back when the Apollo had seats downstairs. Unfortunately i wasn't in the best position;i was near the back,but it still sounds very nice & clean. I'd forgotten how good this show was....but then just about every gig on the SIT tour was great.Another classic from this great era.

  • DMM 020 - 1990-10-11 Assembly Rooms
    • This was a tough gig.I got a lot of things wrong this night.(Takeing the Mrs was an error lol).There was a lot of pushing & stuff down the front & the recording is "up & down" because of that.I got my levels wrong & was hitting the red too much.Also cut "No Prayer..." as wasnt on the game for the tape flip. Yeah, sometimes it goes wrong no matter how much experience you have lol. Having said that, its NOT a crap recording. Still worth having :-)