Caught Somewhere In Time

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If you had the time to lose,
An open mind and time to choose
Would you care to take a look,
Or can you read me like a book
Time is always on my side, time is always on my side

Can I tempt you come with me,
Be Devil may care fulfil your dream
If I said I'd take you there,
Would you go would you be scared
Time is always on my side, time is always on my side

Don't be afraid you're safe with me, safe as any soul can be
Honestly...just let yourself go

Caught somewhere in time
Caught somewhere in time
Caught somewhere in time


Like a wolf in sheep's clothing,
You try to hide your deepest sins
Of all the things that you've done wrong,
And I know where you belong
Time is always on my side, time is always on my side

Make you an offer you can't refuse, you've only got your soul to lose
Eternally...just let yourself go

Caught somewhere in time
Caught somewhere in time
Caught now in two minds