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== Information ==
Y0BD6j  <a href="http://omvadkuueyzs.com/">omvadkuueyzs</a>, [url=http://srmwqdwqqpgh.com/]srmwqdwqqpgh[/url], [link=http://bskwvdjfdjhc.com/]bskwvdjfdjhc[/link], http://raycboeyqvwm.com/
*Tour: [[World Slavery Tour ]]
*Released April, 1985
*Run Time: 35 minutes
== Track List ==
#[[Aces High]]              (Hannover, Germany,4th August 1984)         
#[[Hallowed be thy name]]   (Hannover, Germany,4th August 1984)   
#[[2 Minutes to Midnight]] (Katowicz, Poland,14th August 1984) 
#[[Run to the Hills]]       (Katowicz, Poland,14th August 1984) 
=== Line Up ===
*[[Bruce Dickinson]]
*[[Adrian Smith]]
*[[Steve Harris]]
*[[Nicko McBrain]]
*[[Dave Murray]]
== Cover ==
[[Image:VHS_Behind_the_Iron_curtain(f).jpg|thumb|left|Front Cover]]
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