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  • Originally released as two CDs.
  • Real Live One released:22nd March 1993
  • Real Dead One released:18th October 1993

Real Live One Tracklist

  1. Be Quick Or Be Dead(3:16)
  2. From Here To Eternity(4:20)
  3. Can I Play With Madness(4:43)
  4. Wasting Love(5:47)
  5. Tailgunner(4:10)
  6. The Evil That Men Do(5:26)
  7. Afraid To Shoot Strangers(6:48)
  8. Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter(5:18)
  9. Heaven Can Wait(7:28)
  10. The Clairvoyant(4:30)
  11. Fear Of The Dark(7:11)

Real Dead One

  1. The Number Of The Beast(4:54)
  2. The Trooper(3:55)
  3. Prowler(4:16)
  4. Transylvania(4:26)
  5. Remember Tomorrow(5:53)
  6. Where Eagles Dare(4:49)
  7. Sanctuary(4:53)
  8. Running Free(3:49)
  9. Run To The Hills(3:58)
  10. 2 Minutes To Midnight(5:37)
  11. Iron Maiden(5:25)
  12. Hallowed Be Thy Name(7:52)



Fear Of The Dark Live


  • Released:1st March 1993
  • Released an Slimcase CD,Limited Edition digipack CD, 7" Postcover, 7" cut-to-shape Picture Disc
  • Each CD, Vinyl and Picture Disc in numbered on the front cover which implys that this whole bunch of releases was limited
  • UK Chart Position:5
  • Track Hooks In You recorded at Wembley Arena in 1990

Limited Edition Digipack Tracklist

  1. Fear Of The Dark Live(7:22)
  2. Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter Live(5:30)
  3. Hooks In You Live(3:45)

Limited Edition Digipack Tracklist

  1. Fear Of The Dark Live(7:22)
  2. Be Quick Or Be Dead Live(3:20)
  3. Hooks In You Live(3:45)

Hallowed Be Thy Name Live


  • Released:4th October 1993
  • UK Chart Position:9
  • Tracks Wasted Years and Wrathchild were also recorded at the same tour but did not appear on Real Live/Dead One


  1. Hallowed Be Thy Name Live(7:52)
  2. The Trooper Live(3:55)
  3. Wasted Years Live(4:42)
  4. Wrathchild Live(2:57)