1982-05-15 Wing Stadium

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Concert Information

Bootleg Information


CD 1

  1. Wrathchild (3:47)
  2. Run To The Hills (4:04)
  3. The Number Of The Beast (5:10)
  4. 22, Acacia Avenue (6:31)
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:11)
  6. Iron Maiden (5:55)
  7. Drifter (8:15)


Audience Recording. Obviously using a tape recorder. Seem like its recorded inside a jacket. I get the occasional bright sound, where alot of the upper frequencies is apparent.

Taper and equipment


Quality: 2

Frequency Analysis


MP3 Sample

Drifter - 30 sec/128 kbps (about MP3 Samples)